The Freshest Produce delivered directly to your door. Straight from the local farmers and wholesalers in your neighborhood.
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Why Flavor Wave?

Always Fresh

It is our commitment to make sure that the produce delivered is in season, properly packaged and fresh from the farm.

Always Fast

With our technology platform, we are able to process your order and have one of our drivers deliver on the your exact delivery date and time of your choice.

Always Safe

All of our farms, packing facilities, drivers are all pre-screened and pass a certain background and quality check to deliver with Flavor Wave.

Modern Supply

We source our produce from the highest quality of growers, packers, and shippers to deliver and with a flavorful experience.

How it works

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Order Received & Processed at Fulfillment Center

Fresh, Fast, & Safe Produce Delivered at your Doorstep

Contactless Delivery

Home Delivery

Orders placed after 4:00 PM will be scheduled for next delivery date select zip codes. Please enter your zip eligibility. Delivery windows are from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Tuesday and Thursday in Los Angeles surrounding counties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flavor Wave?

Flavor Wave is our fresh new produce box delivery platform, which makes getting fantastic produce from local wholesalers/distributors without having to go to a store or farmers market.

Who is delivering the food boxes?

We have a stringent driver recruitment policy. Each driver must have a valid drivers license, vehicle insurance, and complete a background check prior to any delivery completions. Drivers are trained to follow our COVID safe protocol including use of masks and gloves to ensure food safety for our consumers. We set consumer safety as priority #1, and that is a promise we strive to keep.

What if I have food allergies or want to change the order?

For most meals that you order through Flavor Wave, you’ll be able to add special instructions to let wholesalers know about any modifications you may need.

Is the product in your boxes comparable to my typical grocery store option?

Absolutely. Our fulfillment centers utilize the same supply partners they fulfill retail and food service deliveries for. Consumers will see the same name brands in their grocery boxes as what they pick up at their local stores. We depend on Quality Assurance at our fulfillment facilities to not only provide the brand names you want, but also ensure the best quality goes into each grocery box. Think of it as your own personal Grocery Manager watching over every delivery we make.

Will my courier bring the meal to my door or inside my office?

Your courier will bring your order right to your door. Fresh-Fast-Safe and contact free.

What is the Booking Fee on Flavor Wave?

The Booking Fee on Flavor Wave is a charge you pay to Flavor Wave on every delivery, which helps to cover operational costs.

Do I need to tip my courier?

Tips are not included and they are not expected or required.

How safe are these grocery boxes?

Our fulfillment centers only work with verified food safe suppliers, and they themselves are 3 rd party audited for food safety. Our unique model ensures food safety from farm to fork by removing unnecessary contact with additional retail store staff and other consumers touching the product we put in our boxes. Think of our process as a way to eliminate the “middle man” at the retail level. We are providing our customers with safer and more cost-efficient grocery options faster than any other service out there.

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